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Speed up your beanstalkd developent by using saved job templates, supported by beanstalk-console (v1.4)

- ability to save jobs as templates/samples for later use
- manage saved templates
- add/edit/delete templates
- ability to reuse a template and kick to tubes
- added version checking to detect new releases



Delete a bucket via streaming in RIAK added to riak-admin panel written in PHP (v0.5)

Several updates to admin panel for RIAK written in PHP.

- delete a bucket via streaming
- Enhanced listing and deleting keys via streaming, to avoid costly getKeys which can lock your Riak node
- riak-data-migrator supported delete, enhanced visual feedback for streaming delete
- Favorite based bucket listing, to avoid costly getBuckets of Riak, UI enhancements
- Composer and Vagrant support



Pause tube, auto-refresh added to beanstalk console interface (v1.3.2)

  • pause tube for beanstalkd
  • Composer/Vagrant support
  • support to deactivate unserialize/json_decode/highlighter
  • edit Auto-refresh interval
  • edit tubePauseSeconds
  • added Settings modal

Check out on https://github.com/ptrofimov/beanstalk_console/releases and feedback is welcomed.


Remember filters gridview Yii extension (updated June 3, 2011)

This extensions helps you to remembered/store filter values of GridViews between navigation, filters will stick.

The ERememberFiltersBehavior extension adds up some functionality to the default possibilites of CActiveRecord/Model implementation.

It will detect the search scenario and it will save the filters from the GridView. This comes handy when you need to remember them between navigation during page changes. For lot of navigation and heavy filtering, this functionality can be activated by just a couple of lines.


Clear filters gridview Yii extension

This extensions helps you to clear remembered filter values on GridViews. Adds an additional image in top right of the grid.

The EButtonColumnWithClearFilters extension adds up some functionality to the default possibilites of CButtonColumn implementation when you use extensions to remember filter values. This extension helps you to clear the remembered filter values.


Welcome to Kodok Márton's personal web page. What is this site all about? Well, it's basically a whole mixture of stuff that I find interesting. It has various programming projects and articles, picture galleries of all sorts of stuff, and a much more.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at KodokMarton.Eu!